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A Day in the Life: Time Value of Money

Revenade Managing Director, Tim Phillips, discusses the money value of time.


Hello and welcome, this is Tim Phillips with Revenade, and today I want to share with you an idea called the time value of money. I know many of you have studied financial and investment analysis and in that we've all learnt about the concept of the time value of money that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow and it is the basis for all compounding and also the discounting of future cash flows and with it we can make sound investment decisions when we have competing alternatives. 
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The Sales Experience: A Day in the Life - 10 + Tips for How to Demo

Scott Williamson shares 10+ tips about how to prepare and get the most out of your demos.


You know I just finished a very tough, but rewarding day. I conducted demos all day long. Some in person, and some remote. And the good things is, they all went really, really well.

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